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Car Accidents

90% of our cases are car or auto accident cases. We help victims and their families get the compensation and medical care they deserve. Don't hassle with the insurance company, let us deal with them while you focus on recovery.

Motorcycle Accidents

These cases can often be fatal or cause serious and permanent injury to the victim. It is important to hire a law firm who is proven in these types of cases. Our legal team has handled many motorcycle injury claims successfully.

Other Types of Accidents

Our legal team also handles accidents involving pedestrians, passengers of either party, Uber and Lyft accidents. We also handle accidents involving 18 wheelers or commercial trucks. All consultations are free.

Why Hire A Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer?

No Up Front Fee

There is never a cost to retain us in order to start your case. We work on a contingency fee, meaning we get paid when you get paid. If we don't win, you owe us nothing.

$0 Out Of Pocket for Medical Treatment

Our medical network of professionals also works on a contingency fee, the medical professionals will treat you now and await payment from the settlement.


Sure the insurance company will settle with you, but it's usually for a lot less then what our legal team can and will obtain for you on your behalf. Hiring a personal injury lawyer makes a huge difference.

We Negotiate w/Insurance co.

Our legal team deals directly with the insurance company and negotiates a settlement that our clients deserve. If needed, we will take the case to trial.

Aggressive Representation

Our goal is to get the insurance company to settle as quickly as possible but for the correct amount that is deserved by the client and nothing less.

Proven Track Record

We have handled many cases in Arizona and have won many cases on behalf of our clients with large cash settlements.

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